Providing access to sustainable and affordable shelter, infrastructure and innovative financial and technical solutions to urban and rural low income earners through community led processes.

Financial Services

Financial Services

AMT provides financial, enterprise development, housing development & project management services to low income people.

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Infrastructure Development

AMT specializes in researching, innovating, advocating, piloting social housing finance & basic services solutions for the low income people.

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AMT builds capacities of community organizations to undertake all aspects of financial intermediation, to reach low income people with appropriate high quality financial & related services on a sustainable basis.

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In 2012 five poultry groups came together and developed a constitution and registered a Community Based Organization with the Government under the name “MAKUENI POULTRY FARMERS CBO” . The CBO is based in Wote, the headquarters of Makueni County.  As months went by more groups joined this CBO and currently the poultry have risen from 5 to 37 with a total membership of over 2500 farmers from the whole County of Makueni. When the CBO started, they would process 20 chicken per day but as the membership grew  and  processing of chicken  increased from 20 to 300 birds per day.

Poultry farmers were doing so well but needed a good reliable credit facility to improve and expand their poultry enterprises and to also make their businesses sustainable.  The CBO approached AMT  for this service.

After thorough appraisals from the officer in charge, the CBO qualified for  a Ksh. 500,000 loan. This loan benefited 20 members of the CBO.

“I was able to expand my poultry house and now I’m able to house 300 chicken" says a beneficiary of the livelihood loan.


Nakuru West Network has received a livelihood loan of Kshs.250,000 with a total list of 54 beneficiaries from Shikamoo Self Help Group. The loan has helped the beneficiaries start up businesses and also expand their already functional businesses.


Francis Maina of Mombasa North Network is one beneficiary of this product. He wanted to start a poultry business but did not have enough capital to start it. With the help of Muungano he was able to secure a loan worth Ksh. 20,000 to start up the business. He begun with 50 broiler chicken. The project picked up very well and he was in need of expanding his business to meet his clients’ needs. He approached AMT once again and this time round secured a loan of Ksh. 100,000. He used these funds to expand his poultry house and now it can hold 300 broilers. These broilers when sold when mature earn him a profit of Ksh. 50,000 on average. Mr. Maina is now able to provide for his family comfortably. He is really grateful to MWW and AMT for helping him improve his life.


Allan Kiarie of Mukuru kwa Njenga Network is a beneficiary of the livelihood loan. He runs a phone accessory shop in Mukuru. He begun the business in January this year and as months went by his clientele expanded and he needed a much bigger stock. His only hurdle was funds. With the help of MWW and AMT he managed to secure a loan of Ksh. 50,000. He used the funds to increase his stock and to move into a permanent bigger store for his business. His business is thriving and he is able to provide for his family and take his children to school.

“If it wasn’t for Muungano, I wouldn’t have gone this far with my business” says Allan, a beneficiary of the livelihood loan.


If it wasn’t for Muungano, I wouldn’t have gone this far with my business

Allan Kiarie Mukuru kwa Njenga Network


I was able to expand my poultry house and now I’m able to house 300 chicken

Beneficiary of a Livelihood Loan



Akiba Mashinani Trust (AMT) is a housing development & finance agency by the Slum Dwellers Federation of Kenya - Muungano wa Wanavijiji (MWW), an affiliate of Slum Dwellers International (SDI). It operates in all Counties of Kenya. More...


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