Nairobi region operates in over 50 wards in Nairobi County. AMT is however currently active in Mukuru, Kibera, Thome and Huruma settlements. The region boasts a client membership of 6,300 members with the women taking the larger population of 4,410. The male members are 1,890. There are 100 saving groups and 6 networks.
Most members of this region carry out small scale businesses for their livelihood. Some of these businesses include water vendor kiosks, fruits and vegetables businesses and boda boda businesses.


Mt. Kenya region is made up of 5 counties: Murang’a, Embu, Kirinyaga and Kiambu. Currently, AMT is actively in Kiambu county. The region has a client membership of 2300 members with the women being 1325 and the men 975. The region has 54 saving groups and 8 networks. The economic activities in the region include small scale farming and small scale businesses.


Mt. Kilimanjaro region comprises of 4 counties: Kajiado County, Makueni County, Kitui County and Machakos. AMT is currently working in Makueni, Kitui and Machakos County. The region has a client membership of 2491 members with the larger population being that of women at 1500 members. All these members are in 75 different saving groups.  The region has 8 networks of 13 saving groups each.

The most common economic activities in this region are farming and small enterprise businesses. Most of the small scale farmers grow onions, tomatoes, green grams sorghum and onions.


The Great Rift Valley Region is comprised of 5 counties however currently AMT is working in two counties namely Nakuru County and Laikipia County.
The region has a client membership of 360 members with 252 being female and 108 being male. It has 13 saving groups.
There are two active networks presently in this region namely Nakuru West Network and Bondeni Network.


The Coast Region comprises of 3 counties namely Mombasa, Kilifi and Voi. AMT is currently working in two counties: Mombasa and Kilifi.
The region has a client membership of 3600 members with the larger population being women at 2400. The male clients are 1200.
There are 3 active networks presently in the region namely Muungano Mombasa West Network, Mombasa North Network and Mombasa Island Network.


Akiba Mashinani Trust (AMT) is a housing development & finance agency by the Slum Dwellers Federation of Kenya - Muungano wa Wanavijiji (MWW), an affiliate of Slum Dwellers International (SDI). It operates in all Counties of Kenya. More...


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