Housing Projects

Eastern Greenfields (Katani Development)

The Eastern Greenfields housing project was initiated in order to resettle federation members who were not able to secure tenure in the Eastern region slums. The target is to build 350 housing units for the beneficiaries. The construction is set to kick off in November with only 12 units as a pilot. The 12 units are for the beneficiaries who have completed repayment of the land loan and have raised a 20% deposit for the house loan.

As the beneficiaries continued paying for the land loan, the need for water access arose and hence a borehole was drilled. The borehole is meant to help the beneficiaries of the project have access to clean and affordable water. 

The federation is working closely on this project with a company named LIXIL Corporation, the largest sanitary ware producer in the world. LIXIL will build 6 compost toilets (dry toilets) for the federation members as a pilot. The toilets are designed in a way that there is no use of water.

Ghetto Housing Project

This is a slum upgrading project that aims at building proper, permanent and decent housing for the residents of Ghetto slums in Nairobi.

This year saw 18 beneficiaries move into their new houses. The houses are self contained with a bathroom and toilet. This project has helped residents who lived in semi-permanent houses with no toilets and bathrooms move in to permanent homes.

The second phase of the project which will begin in November, 2013 is set to build 20 house units. Plans to relocate the beneficiaries to other homes are already underway as construction is set to begin.


Akiba Mashinani Trust (AMT) is a housing development & finance agency by the Slum Dwellers Federation of Kenya - Muungano wa Wanavijiji (MWW), an affiliate of Slum Dwellers International (SDI). It operates in all Counties of Kenya. More...


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