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23 April 2014


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Kwa Njenga Self Help Group Kwa Njenga Self Help Group



Kwa Njenga Self Help group is a savings group that comprises youth both employed and unemployed. The group was started in 2012 by 18 men and women in Mukuru kwa Njenga. These young men and women wanted to improve their lives and that of the community as well.


Formal employment in Kenya is quite difficult to get as the population growth is rapid especially in the urban areas. This has led to many youth being left out in the formal employment sector. This in turn has led to a high rate of crime in urban cities. Youth have turned to crime to earn a living.


This is not the case to all youth though. In just one year Kwa Njenga Self Help group has done great work for themselves and the community as well.  They have done this through saving together. Each member contributes Ksh. 500/ per week as savings and Ksh. 100 per week as welfare.


After saving for a few months, one of their members was informed by her neighbor about Akiba Mashinani Trust. A non- profit organization that issues loans to low income earners for the sole purpose of improving their lives. They invited AMT’S Field Officer in charge of the region to one of their group meetings.


After a long discussion, they decided to apply for a loan with AMT. However; they still had doubts about taking the loan as the deal was far better than any other finance institution they had approached.


They threw caution to the wind and applied for a loan of Ksh. 300,000. After receiving the loan, the members sat down and decided on the best way to have the money assist them in the best way. In consensus they began table banking. They lend the money to members within the group at an interest of 12%.


Members divided themselves into small groups and each group received a certain amount from the Ksh. 300,000 loan. 2 members took the loan and managed to buy motorbikes for business purposes, commonly known as ‘boda boda’ .


3 members came together and bought a water tank. They afterwards bought a pipe and registered for a connection of water to the area. They began selling the water to residents around the area at a cheaper rate than their competitors. Their venture has attracted many buyers and averagely in a month they make Ksh. 18,000.


Farming is usually considered a venture carried out in the rural parts of the country but this is not the case for these youth. Steven Karanja, Allan Luwangi and Joseph Mwaura are pig farmers in Mukuru. Through the AMT loan, these three vibrant youth started rearing of pigs in Mukuru. They began by buying 3 piglets each costing Ksh. 8000. A few months later, the three are proud owners of 30 pigs. They sell an adult pig for Ksh. 30,000 and the piglets at Ksh. 6000. Business is going smoothly so far and they are grateful to AMT for the loan as they have improved their lives. One of the beneficiaries has been able to pay for his children’s school fees.


“This pig business has really helped me. I am now able to take care of my family needs and I also hope to join college to study carpentry,"




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